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All Men's Sun Hats

Wide brim sun hats play a very important part in your sun protection routine. Good wide brim sun hats protect your face, neck, ears and help shade your eyes from harmful UV radiation. Please be sure to also wear sunscreen on any exposed skin since UV radiation can be reflected from the water, asphalt, sand, etc. and cause major sun damage.

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* = Hats that will fit a very large head. Please note that our hats for big heads also range down to fitting very small heads too:)

Cloudburst Rain Sun Hat, a winter hat for men and women
Waxed Vineyard Haven Winter Sun Hat
Montana Hat, a felt winter sun hat for men
Cascade Hat, a waterproof sun protection hat with chin strap
Wax Haven
Ascent Cap, a waterproof winter baseball cap
Jazz Hat, a winter wool fedora
Rambler Hat, a mens winter fedora
Boss Hat, a mens winter wool fedora
Rambler Winter Fedora
More colors available button for the Rambler Winter Fedora
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Sun Fact - Any surface that reflects the sunlight increases its harmful effects.

Men's Wide Brim Hats

The Vineyard Haven sun hat. A great big head hat and also fits smaller head sizes too
The El Ranchero Sun Hat - An extra wide brim for extra UV protection.

Cruiser Camp Hat, a sun protective hat with chin strap

Fairway Golf Hat, sun protection hat for golfers

The Mako Classic sun hat

The Shores, a lifeguard style hat made of straw
Highlander, an SPF hat
Charter Hat, a UV protective hat
Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons, a stylish sun protection hat
Trail Blazer, a cap with legionnaire drape
Sport Cap with Drape, a legionnaire sun hat for men
Kalahari Hat, a UV protective cap with a legionnaire drape
Trail Blazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special

The DermSafe legionnaire style sun hat
Off Shore Water Sun Hat, a sun protection hat for the water sports enthusiast
Dawn Patrol, a sun protective water bucket hat.
Reefline, a water cap for all your extreme water activities
Solstice Visor, a packable sun visor great for any sporting activity.
BluBandoo floppy hat, a cooling sun protection hat
Solar Face Shield, a UV protective visor
Sun Fact - Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going outdoors for best sun protection.
Floppy Hat
More colors available
Solar Face Shield for total face sun protection
Neck Sun Protector can be worn under hats and helmets for added sun protecion
Face Buff, UV face protection
Sun Gaiter, face and neck sun protection
Colors available button for the Face Buff
Sun Gaiter