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All Adult Winter Sun Hats

UVA rays are in-full force all day and all through the winter months. And, cold weather does not decreases the amount of UV rays you receive. The selection below has been sorted in Men's Winter Sun Hats and Women's Winter Sun Protection Hat.

Winter hats have typically not been looked to for sun protection so some of the hats below have not been sent to an independent laboratory for their UPF rating. We hope to get more winter hat manufacture's on the bandwagon soon:)

Need help choosing the perfect Sun Hat? Click here Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen :)

Women's Winter Sun Protective Hats


Sierra Wool Hat, a sun protective winter hat
Cloudburst Rain Sunhat, a winter hat for men and women
New Haven Fashion Hat, a wool winter sun hat
Vivian, a wool felt winter sun hat for ladies
The York travel winter hat.
UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation!