Baby Sun Protection Swim wear, Stroller Shades, Sun Tents, Baby UV Blanket and Baby UV Carriers. Fun and Functional


Baby UV Protection

Babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of direct sun light at all times. Not an easy thing to do because you never know what the day may bring. The sun's rays change directions all the day. Shade may not be available and playtime activities may make sun protection an easy precaution to forget. What we all don't want is sun damage or worse, a nasty sunburn at the end of the day. Here are products that will hopefully make your life safer and easier.

Stroller Shades and Baby Carriers
Stroller Sunshade - Maximum UV protection for strollers
The Classic Stroller Sunshade for single, twin or triplets strollers
Moby Design, a UV protective baby carrier wrap
Moby Wrap, UV protection for your baby
3 in 1 Stroller SunShade
Single $42.95
Twin $55.95
Classic Stroller SunShade
Single $38.95
Twin/Triplet $54.95


Baby Sun Blanket, Sun Umbrella and Sun Tents

UV Travel Sun Umbrella, for your sun protection needs on the road
The Children's Sun Tent
Family Sport Shade, UV protection for outdoor adventures

UV Travel Umbrella
Regular $29.95
Special $24.95
New & Improved

Childrens Sun Tent
$58.95 Special $49.95


Baby Sun Hats

Flowers Brim Hat, UV protective hat for infants and toddlers

Legion SunHat - Infant sun hats
Under the Sea, a legionnaire style sun protection hat for babies
Brim Hat, an SPF hat for your infant
Baby Watersuit, a one piece full coverage sun protection suit for your baby
Long sleeve baby sun protection swim shirt
Sponge Bob rash guard, SPF swimwear for your infant
Baby Watersuit, full body sun protection for your baby
Low Tide Baby, UV protection swimwear
Boys High Tide Sun Protective swimsuit
High Tide swimsuit, UV protection swimwear
Tropical Breeze, a 3 piece SPF swimsuit for girls
Pipeline Baby, sun protection swimwear for your baby
South Swell, SPF swimwear for your infant
Shoreline Set, a UV protective swimsuit for infants and toddlers
Wave Rider Baby, SPF swimwear for your infant
Baby Boys Pipeline
More colors available
Ages 6 mo to 12 yrs.
Rashguard $29.00
Bucket Hat $20.00
Pipeline Set $57.00
Baby South Swell
More colors available
Ages 2 to 12 yrs
Shirt & Trunks $50.00
Bucket Hat $18.00

Baby Shoreline Set
More colors available
Ages 6 mo to 6 yrs.
Shirt $29.00
Shirt & Short $51.00
Shirt & Bikini $49.00
The Wave Rider 2-Piece Watersuit
More colors available
Ages 1 to 6 yrs.
Top & Skirt $50.00
Bucket Hat $20.00

The Rash Guard Water Shirt for Girls
Seaside sunblocking swimsuit for babies
Baby Boys Low Tide swimsuit, SPF swimwear
Surfer Girl Baby, sun protection swimsuit for your baby
Rash guards—Print
More colors available
Ages 1 - 10 yrs
$28.00 (Sizes S - XL)
$29.00 (Size 2XLg)

Seaside Set
More colors available
Ages 6 mo to 6 yrs.
Shirt & Short $49.00
Shirt & Bikini $47.00
Bucket Hat $20.00

Surfer Girl 3-Piece Swimsuit
More colors available
Ages 2 to 6 yrs.
3-piece Suit $50.00
Bucket Hat $18.00
The Short Sleeve Water Shirt for the Whole Family. Ages 1 to 101
Kids Full Swimsuit, a total body sun protective swimsuit for children
Sun Protective Swim Soxs
The sun protection Hoodie for infants
Rash Guards—Short Sleeved
More colors available
Adult $24.95
Child $ 18.00 1-8 yrs
Kids Full Swimsuit
More colors available
$56.00 Sizes 2-8
$64.00 Sizes 10-16




Flexi Specs - Stay put with a unique around the head elastic
The Baby Lennon
The Big Eyes Baby Sunglasses
AdventureBanZ Sunglasses, UV protection sunglasses for infants and toddlers

Big Eyes
6 mo to 2 years
More colors available