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Women's Sun Hats
With Chin Strap

Having a chin strap is very important on a windy day especially for wide brim hats. The wind can take a wide brim hat off your head in a second. So for activities like taking a cruise, fishing, walking on the beach on a windy day or driving a convertible car choosing a chin strap hat is a must so you won't lose your prize hat.

Need help choosing the perfect Sun Hat?

Smaller heads: Please know that you may request free stick-on sizing tape to help you fit your hat.

Global Adventure, a sun protective hat with chin strap
The Sundancer sun protective hat
Mako Classic, a sun protective hat with chin strap
The Shores, a straw lifeguard hat with a wide brim

El Ranchero wide brim sun hat
Cruiser Camp hat, a sun protective hat
One of our personal favorites!
Adventure Hat, a UV protection hat with chin strap

Cloudburst Rain Sunhat, a winter hat for women
Sierra Wool Hat, a large brim sun protection winter hat
Jenna, a sun protection hat with chin strap
The Vineyard Haven Sun Hat.

DermSafe Hat, a legionnaire style UV protective hat
Sport Cap with Drape, a legionnaire SPF hat
Santa Cruz Hat, a wide brim sun protective hat
Vivian, a felt sun protection winter hat
The Cruz Hat *
More colors available

Off Shore Water Hat

Sun Fact - Chronic exposure to the sun causes wrinkles.