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Women's Sun Hats
With Chin Strap

Having a chin strap is very important on a windy day especially for wide brim hats. The wind can take a wide brim hat off your head in a second. So for activities like taking a cruise, fishing, walking on the beach on a windy day or driving a convertible car choosing a chin strap hat is a must so you won't lose your prize hat.

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Smaller heads: Please know that you may request free stick-on sizing tape to help you fit your hat.

One of our personal favorites!
The Sundancer sun protective hat
Mako Classic, a sun protective hat with chin strap
The Shores, a straw lifeguard hat with a wide brim

El Ranchero wide brim sun hat
Cruiser Camp hat, a sun protective hat
Adventure Hat, a UV protection hat with chin strap
DermSafe Hat, a legionnaire style UV protective hat

Cloudburst Rain Sunhat, a winter hat for women
Santa Cruz Hat, a wide brim sun protective hat
Jenna, a sun protection hat with chin strap
The Vineyard Haven Sun Hat.
The Cruz Hat *
More colors available
Jenna Sun Hat
Colors available button for the Jenna Sun Hat with chinstrap
$29.95 Regular
$19.95 Special

Vivian, a felt sun protection winter hat
Sport Cap with Drape, a legionnaire SPF hat
Pamela Sue, a straw lifeguard hat for women
Sun Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.
Reefline Water Sport Cap is the ideal sun hat for all of your extreme water adventures.

Off Shore Water Hat

Dawn Patrol Water Bucket Hat provides sun protection for your water activities.
Sun Fact - Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going outdoors.