UV Protection Clothing For Golf - Woman's UV Protective Golf Polos, Pants, Sun Hats And More!


Women's Golf UV Protection

Golfers are out in the sun for many hours at a time. Some of our senior golfers have severe problems because of playing golf for many years and not protecting their skin. These problems range from having to visit the dermatologist every 4 months to losing a nose when the cancer could no longer be stopped with lesser treatments. Please, don't let this happen to you.

We have teamed up with a wonderful organization called SunSafeTee.org that helps educate golfers, especially junior golfers, about sun safety on the golf course. Be sure to take advantage of this free service.

Sun Dickie, protect your neck area from the sun's harmful UV rays
Ladies Golf Polo, a sun protective shirt offering maximum UV protection while on the golf course
Ultralight V-Neck Tee, a UV protective shirt
Fashion Collared Shirt, a sun protective golf shirt
Sun Dickie
More colors available button for Sun Dickie, UV neck protection


UV Protection Pants and Skirt

Golf Skirt provides sun protection for the golf course.
Adventure Khakis, UV protection for women
Capri Skort, sun protective pants
Sun Fact - You can get sunburned on a cloudy days.
Golf Skirt
Colors available button for the Golf Skirt


Sun Protection Golf Hats

Mako Classic Sun Hat, sun blocking golf hat
5 Inch Wide Brim Visor provides excellent sun protection on the golf course.

Clip On Visor Plus, a sun visor that protects your ears as well as your face.

Zip Visor, a sun visor hat with a removable crown

Frankie Fedora, a UPF hat
Havana Hat, a golf sun hat
Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.


UV Protection Accessories for Golf


Golf Sun Umbrella, sun blocking umbrella

The sun protective SunGloves
Golf Sun Sleeves, sun protection accessory
Sun Gloves with Grip protect the backs of your hands
Golf Sun Umbrella
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Special $28.99