For Your Outdoor UV Protection While At Work- Outdoor Work UV Protective Clothing, Sun Hats and All Natural Sunscreen


UV Protection for Outdoor Work

Clearly, farmers, lifeguards, construction and other workers who must be outdoors for prolonged periods of time and during the middle of the day, when the sun's ray are the most intense, need to pay careful attention to their sun protection. We know that for many professions, special considerations such as peripheral vision, hand dexterity, dress codes and other obstacles stand in the way of keeping you sun safe. We will do our best to find products that answer your sun protection needs. If you have special products you need that we do not currently offer, please Contact Us and we will do our best to make that sun protective gear available for you... We know you work very hard and want to do our part to keep you safe under the sun.

Trail Blazer Hat, a hat with sun protective neck drape
Neck Sun Protector can be worn under hats or helmets
Adventure Hat, an SPF hat with legionnaire drape
The Vineyard Haven sun hat.
Trail Blazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special

The Santa Crus wide brim sun hat
The El Ranchero Sun Hat - An extra wide brim for extra UV protection.
Derm Safe hat, a legionnaire style sun protective hat
The Shores, a lifeguard style hat made of straw

Bone Flats Shirt, a ventilated sun protective shirt perfect for working in the yard on those hot summer days.
Madison River, an insect repellent UV protection shirt
The Bahama big pocket shirt. Quick drying, over size sun protective shirt that is great for fishing, hiking and other outdoor casual wear.
Equator Sun Block Shirt, an insect repellent sun protection shirt
Bahama Big Pocket Shirt
More colors available
Sizes XL and 2XL only


Bushwacker Weatherpants, insect repellent pants with sun protection.
Mesh Vent Pant - a bug repellent UV protection pant
Multipocket Pant, a sun protection pant


Sun Protective Gloves with grip
The Sun Glove
Backhander Sun Glove, sun protection for the back of your hands
Sun Gaiter provides UV protection for your face and neck
Sun Glove

Sun Gaiter

Sun Sleeves, UV protection for your arms while driving
Sure Grip Sun Gloves, sun protection gloves
Sun Fact - UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.