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Plus Size Swimwear & Clothing

Our plus size SPF clothing is all made of breathable, summer weight fabrics. These fabrics have been tested by an independent laboratory for their UV protective ability. You will find the UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating) for each item by clicking the picture.

Bahama Shirt, an SPF Shirt for women
Day Trekker, a sun protective shirt for plus sizes
Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.
Bahama Shirt
Colors available button for Bahama Women's shirt
$50.00 Sizes 1XL,2XL, 3XL
Day Trekker Shirt
Colors available button for the Day Trekker Sun Protection Shirt
$55.00 Sizes 1XL, 2XL, 3XL
The sun protective Rashguard Water Shirt
The sun protective, chlorine resistant Water Pants
Sun Fact - UV radiation iincreases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.
Slenderinzing Yoga Pant, an SPF pant
Anytime Travel Skort, a sun protective skirt
Sun Fact - UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.
Slenderizing Yoga Pant
$85.00 Regular (Size 1XL)
$63.75 Special
Charcoal gray only