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We know how important the great outdoors is to living a full life. Providing you and your family with products that keep you safe from harmful UV rays is the part we play in your outdoor safety. We research the world for the highest quality UPF clothing and products we can find so you will have the wardrobe and accessories you need to fight the damaging rays of the sun. But that is not enough! Having good information is key in helping you make educated decisions on what to do day to day. We spoke with a very educated customer, who was also an outstanding mother. She mentioned that her two young boys would turn into brown berries in the summer. She thought a dark tan was fine since they did not get a sun burn.. Wrong! She did not know that there is no such thing as a safe tan.

Below you will find articles written with your sun safety in mind. We will be adding to them through out the year so please be sure to check back with us when you have a free moment.

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