Womans Sun Protection Hat *** Legionnaire Style Sun Hats With Extra Neck UV Protection For All Occasions.


Woman's Neck Drape
Style Sun Hats

All of these sun hats have an elongated legionnaire style sun protective neck drapes. Some of our legionnaire sun hats have a wide brim that wraps around the side of the head protecting the ears and side of the face from harmful UV rays. For those of you who need sun protective fabric draped directly across your face, please take a peek at the Kalahari Sun hat. And, don't miss the Face Buff that provides face and neck sun protection under any hat... especially helpful when the sun is down on either horizon.

Need help choosing the perfect sun hat. Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen. :)

Trail Blazer Hat, a hat with a legionnaire neck
Face Buff provides sun protection for your face and neck
The Off Shore Water Sun Protection Hat.
Kalahari, sun protection hat
Trail Blazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special
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The Adventure Legionnaire style sun protection vented hat.

The DermSafe sun protection hat with legionnaire neck drape.
Sport Cap with Neck Drape, an SPF hat for men and women
The Sundancer sun hat
Neck Sun Protector can be worn under hats and helmets for neck sun protection
Sun Gaiter, face sun protection
Cloudburst Rain Hat, a sun protection hat that also protects against rain
Sun Fact - Lips have little or no melanin, which makes them especially vulnerable to sun damage.
Sun Gaiter