Women's Sun Visor Hat *** Sun Visor Hats That Protect The Sides Of The Face From UVA & UVB Radiation


Sun Visor Hats

We have a number of unique sun visors with wide brims for you to choose from. Some of our women's sun visors have wide brims that wrap around the head to also protect the side of your face (crows feet area) and ears. Another sun visor is specially designed to minimize headaches. Please note: Unlike a wide brimmed hat, sun visors do not provide sun protection for the back of the neck and top of the head (our Zip Sun Visor is an exception with its removable top-of-the-head protecting crown) so if you have short hair, thin hair, or are balding, you may be better served choosing a wide brim hat.
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Need help choosing the perfect Sun Hat? Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen. :)

The Sport Visor - A great golf sun visor, hiking visor or even water sports. Machine washable.
Solar Face Shield, UV protection for your face
The Zip Sun Visor - A unique wrap around brim with a zip off crown provide extra sun protection for the face and head.
Wrap Around Sun Visor, the perfect visor for your travels can be rolled and carried in your purse.
Packable Sport Visor
More colors available
Buy 3+ for $22.50 each

Wrap Around Sun Visor
Colors available button for the Wrap Around Sun Visor
$19.95 Special
Solar Face Shield, full face UV protection

Clip On Visor Plus, a sun visor that protects your ears as well as your face.

Tahitian Visor, a UV protection visor hat
5 inch Wide Brim Visor, a sun protection visor for women
Clip Visor Plus
$5.00 Super Sale
Tahitian Visor
Sorry, sold out til 2015