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Wearing sunsafe clothes makes protecting from the sun at the beach or pool side easy :) Sunscreen is important for sun safety but it does not hold a candle to protecting with SPF fabric. If you are going to be outdoors for a prolonged period of time physical sun blocks like bathing suit coverups, sun protective pant and a sun hat are a must. And don't forget, if you have tattoos protecting from UV rays will keep your tattoo looking lively.

Capri Skort, an SPF skirt with capri leggings
Travel Skirt, a sun protection travel skirt
Bike Travel Skirt, a UV protection skirt
Golf Skirt, sun protection for the golf course
Travel Skirt
$60.00 Regular
$34.95 Special
Bike Travel Skirt
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$55.00 Regular
$10.00 Super Sale
Golf Skirt
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Womens Weatherpants are sun protective insect repellent pants.
Adventure Khakis, UV protection pants for women
Slenderizing Yoga Pant, a uv protection pant
World Traveler, a sun protective pant
Slenderizing Yoga Pant
$85.00 Regular (Size 1XL)
$63.75 Special
Charcoal gray only

World Traveler Pant
$39.95 Regular
$28.00 Special
Size 2 only