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Wearing sunsafe clothes makes protecting from the sun at the beach or pool side easy :) Sunscreen is important for sun safety but it does not hold a candle to protecting with SPF fabric. If you are going to be outdoors for a prolonged period of time physical sun blocks like bathing suit coverups, sun protective pant and a sun hat are a must. And don't forget, if you have tattoos protecting from UV rays will keep your tattoo looking lively.

Capri Skort, an SPF skirt with capri leggings
Golf Skirt, sun protection for the golf course
Bike Travel Skirt, a UV protection skirt
Anytime Travel Skort, a sun protective skirt
Golf Skirt
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Bike Travel Skirt
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Anytime Travel Skort
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Womens Weatherpants are sun protective insect repellent pants.
Adventure Khakis, UV protection pants for women
Slenderizing Yoga Pant, a uv protection pant Sun Fact - UVA rays can cause immunosuppression and weaken the body's ability to protect itself.
Slenderizing Yoga Pant
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Charcoal gray only