Travel SPF Shirt *** Men's Sun Blocking Shirt. Casual To Dressy UV Protection Keeps You Safe Under The Sun


Expedition Travel Shirt, a sun blocking shirt for your vacation

Close up of cargo  pocket on the Expedition Travel Shirt

Expedition Travel Shirt


Available Spring 2012

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  • 30+UPF / 96.7% UV Blocked
  • 100% Nylon
  • 2 front cargo pockets with zippered security compartments
  • Rugged construction
  • Lightweight, breathable and quick drying fabric
  • Underarm and back caped mesh panels
  • Horizontal chest pocket

This rugged, good-looking sun protective shirt is versatile enough to be a travel shirt or an everyday shirt. Whatever your adventures are, this SPF shirt provides you with maximum storage. The two cargo flap button pockets have zippers that can keep your valuables safely and securely tucked away. The extra pocket keeps your glasses handy for reading maps or just reading a menu in a restaurant. When everything in life costs more, it's nice to have a shirt that will truly give you your money's worth

SMALL 33-35" 30-32" 32"
MEDIUM 36-38" 33-35" 33"
LARGE 40-42" 36-38" 34"
XLARGE 43-45" 39-41" 35"
2XLARGE 46-48" 40-44" 35.5"

choices for the sun protective Adventure Shirt


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