Added Sun Protection For Wide Brim Sun Protection Hats, Baseball Caps and Hard Hats *** Legionnaire Style UV Protection


Neck Sun Protector can be worn under your hats for added sun protection for your neck.

Neck Sun Protector worn with a hard hat

Neck Sun Protector worn with a baseball style cap

Neck Sun Protector


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  • 50+ UPF/ 98% UV Blocked
  • 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Silky 4 way stretch fabric drapes to keep you covered as you move
  • Comfortable head band fits under hats or helmets
  • 11" drape
  • Neck toggle cinch cord allows for side of face protection
  • Packable
  • Neck Sun Protector can be worn under hats and helmets for added neck sun protection

The Neck Sun Protector fits most adult heads, giving you added sun protection under a cap, helmet or hard hat. The silky, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you more comfortable than if your neck were unprotected. The 11" drape will give you good coverage even in a t-shirt. The fluid fabric and drawstring will keep the drap in place as you move around working in your yard or construction project.

One Size fits most

Color choices for the Neck Sun Protector.


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