SPF Swimwear for Boys - Sun Protection Swimwear With Maximum UV Protection


Low Tide, SPF watersuit


Boys Low Tide


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  • 50 UPF/ 98% UV Blocked
  • Nylon/ Lycra
  • Short sleeve and knee length legs
  • Zippered front
  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sizes 6-12 months and 2 year come with snaps on inside of legs for easy diaper change.

The Low Tide full body suit offers good sun protection coverage for a day at the beach. A full zip front makes the suit easy to put on. A turtle design along the sides of the suit makes every little boy want to wear it!

Low Tide Watersuit

3-6 mo 25-27” 15-20 lbs. 17-18” 10"
6-12 mo 27-30” 20-25 lbs. 18-19” 11.5"
12-18 mo 30-34” 25–32 lbs. 19-20” 12.5"
2-3 yr 34-39" 32-40 lbs. 20-21” 14"
4-5 yr 39-44" 40-48 lbs. 21-22” 15.5"
6-7 yr 44-49" 48-58 lbs. 22-23” 17"

Low Tide Suit

Color choices for the boys Low Tide Watersuit.


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