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Crushable Ribbon Braid, a sun protective hat

Womens red sun protection hat - Red Hat Society hat

Crushable Ribbon Braid Sun Hat


Red only

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  • Certified 50+ UPF/ 98% UV Blocked
  • Polyester Ribbon Braid
  • Come in 5" and 7" brims
  • Adjustable matching bow around crown
  • Imported

This elegant yet posh sun hat is the perfect hat for everyone with different sun protection needs. This hat is available in a 5" and 7" brim. The bow around the crown of the head can be adjusted to make the perfect fit. The 5" brim provides maximum sun protection and the 7" brim is for extreme protection. Choose which brim fits your style and sun protection needs best!

One size fits most up to 22 3/4" head. Sizing tape available upon request.


5" Brim: Red

7" Brim: Beige, Black


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