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The Adventure Sun Hat for boys and girls

The Adventure hat for kids. Excellent sun protection.

Baby Adventure Hat, sun protection hat with legionnaire drape for infants

Adventure Hat for Kids


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  • 50+ UPF/ 98% UV blocked. Mesh vent panel not rated.
  • Supplex nylon
  • Floatable 4" wide brim strategically angled to provide maximum sun protection
  • Legionnaire style neck drape
  • Mesh side panels for added ventilation (baby size has solid side panels)
  • Adjustable chin strap (Baby and Child sizes have an adjustable Smart Strap with a breakaway clip that will detach with 10 lb. of tension. Youth size has a toggle.)
  • Roll or crush flat for travel
  • Hand wash. Hang Dry

Staff PickThe Kids Adventure Hat is one of our favorites because of its excellent sun protection, it travels well, and the protective neck drape is soft. A great sun hat for babies as they lay in a stroller

A kids summer hat ventilated with mesh side panels (baby size does not have mesh, just fabric to protect bald little heads).

BABY 6-24 months 17-18"
CHILD 2-4 years 18-19"
YOUTH 5+ years 19-21"

Color choices for the KidAdventure Hat, a sun protective hat with neck drape


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