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Moby Wrap, UV protective carrying wrap for infants and toddlers

Staff PickUV Protection Moby Wrap

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  • 44-48% UPF/ 97.3+ UV Blocked
  • 100% cotton knit treated with Rayosan technology
  • Soft cotton SPF knit fabric is comfortable and breathable for both mother and infant
  • The wrap distributes the baby's weight evenly around mom's body
  • The wrap snuggles baby to mom
  • Can support up to a 35 lb. infant
  • 44-48 UPF can be washed 30 times before protection begins to slowly wash out

When I first saw this beautiful infant baby carrier, I was so excited I ran out of a restaurant to find out the manufacturer's name. The new mother I chased down was as enchanted with the wrap carrier as I was. The more information I find about this infant wrap, the more pleased I am to be able to add this wonderful baby front carrier to our line of baby sun protection products. The soft, breathable, cotton wraps evenly around the body distributing the weight for both mother or father and child. The Rayosan technology providing the sun protection has been tested by Oeko-Tex 100 laboratory and certified there are no harmful substances for parent, baby or our environment.

Also available with decorative almond branch design.

One Size

Color choices for the UV Moby Wrap, a sun protection baby carrier

Staff PickWe think this wonderful baby carrier looks like a Madonna and Child snuggling. One thing we really like is that it is carefully designed to have no pressure points on either parent or baby. The soft cotton knit insures temperature comfort while the baby can easily breath.

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