UV Protection Sun Umbrellas *** Blocks UV Rays *** Sun Protection Sun Umbrellas *** Also Rain Repellent


UV Protective Umbrella - The UV-Wind Brella provide sun protection even in high winds.

UV-Wind Brella with special state-of-the-art windproof frame

UV Protection Wind Sun Umbrella


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  • 50+ UPF / 98%+ UV Blocked
  • 100% Polyester coated with reflective silver100% Polyester coated with reflective silver
  • 52" arc canopy,
  • Weighs 16 ounces, stick umbrella 35" long
  • Push button open and manual close
  • Keeps you up to 10 degrees cooler
  • State-of-the-art windproof frame.
  • Water repellent so it can be used in the rain, too
  • Aluminum/fiberglass frame with non-slip handle.
  • Matching protective sleeve. Imported

Using state-of-the-art windproof frame technology, this UV protective umbrella is sun proof, rain proof and wind proof!

52 inch arc

Silver, as shown in picture


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